Choosing the Food and Beverages

Wedding FoodWhen it comes to choosing the food for your wedding, you’ll want to make sure you have two things sorted: a wide selection of food options as well as enough food for everyone. There’s nothing worse than attending a wedding where the food runs out so quickly that guests are visiting local McDonalds to fill up their tummies!

Whether you have friends and family working to prepare the wedding food (ideal for small weddings) or you’ve hired a professional catering company to organize the food (ideal for bigger weddings), you generally have free range to choose the type of food available on the menu.

One thing that many people seem to overlook during the planning of the food is the dietary requirements of the guests. There are likely to be guests that have allergies, intolerances or that are on certain diets (i.e. vegetarians, vegans, dairy free, gluten free etc).

Rather than speaking to each and every individual who is attending your wedding about their own dietary requirements, your best option is to provide a variety of food that caters to all of the possible diets that they might have.

Here are some ideas for the food options you can have at your wedding:

  • BBQ style – steaks, sausages, salads and all other grilled foods imaginable
  • Specific cuisine – choose a certain cuisine to base the food around, such as Mexican, Japanese or Italian
  • Finger foods – can’t decide on a specific idea? Have a large range of finger foods so that there’s something for everyone to enjoy

When it comes to the beverages, you’ll need to decide whether you want this to be an alcohol free event or not. While not having alcohol at your wedding can hugely keep costs down, some of your guests might not feel too happy about this (however, it’s your big day after all, so the decision is completely up to you).